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Easy to Use and Very Powerful Auto Tweet Scheduler

The full features list is available on the ATAS Auto Tweet Scheduler page.

If you haven’t downloaded ATAS yet you can Download here for free.

In this article, you will learn how to install and set up ATAS.


The installation documentation is available at on the installation page. Once you have installed ATAS go to your WP Admin and click the “ATAS Auto Tweet Scheduler” menu tab.

Connect Your Twitter Account

Click on the “Connect Twitter” button. Once the application asks you to “Authorise ATAS Auto Tweet Scheduler to use your account?” click the “Authorise App” button. Without authorization, the application won’t work.

ATAS account docs

If everything is done correctly you will see an orange button with a “connected” text.

ATAS account connected

Now you can start to import your blog posts and set up your schedules.

Importing Blog Posts and Setting Up the Schedules

On the Importer page, you can select the blog posts you want to import. The Importer page is available under the “Scheduler” menu tab.

ATAS Importer docs

Once you have selected a “Post Type” the post type categories will be displayed in the “Categories” box. Select the categories and the selected categories posts will be displayed in the “Post” box.

You can import all the posts or one by one depending on your needs. You can define the intervals, start date, end date and time you want to auto publish the posts.

Soon as you have finished the settings click on the “Run Importer” button. Great! All the selected posts are imported. The imported posts are available on the “Scheduler” page.


In our example, we have imported only the “Hello World” post. The imported post looks like this on the schedules page.

ATAS Schedules docs

The post is displayed at the selected intervals. In this example, we set Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday as an interval.

Using the right hand side buttons (Delete, Edit, and View) you can remove, edit or view the scheduled post.

ATAS Schedule view docs


Logs are automatically generated each time on every auto posting activity. You can delete the logs one by one or reset the log clicking on the “Reset” button.

ATAS Log docs

Scheduler Settings

On the scheduler settings page you can enable or disable the “scheduler”. None of your posts will be auto published if disabled.

If you wish to delete the schedules tick the checkbox next to reset then all the schedules will be deleted. You can set up the time zone you want to use. Universal or any local time zone is available.

ATAS Scheduler Settings docs

Auto Post

The “auto post” function is a built in extra feature for those who want to “auto post” the blog post manually when clicking on the publish or update button.

You can enable or disable the feature depending on your needs.

auto-post docs

The “auto post” meta-box will be displayed on the enabled post type pages.

The “auto post” meta-box looks like this.

auto-post metabox docs

In the hashtags text area, you can include the words you wish to auto convert into hashtags. The matching words will be auto converted into hashtags on the blog posts titles when you “auto post” the post.

ATAS is using the WordPress built in wp_cron function that isn’t perfect. If your website does not have visitors in every minute it is recommended to use the real cronjob instead of the wp_cron. If you need some help to configure your ATAS please contact us.



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