Cataloggi – WordPress eCommerce Product Catalog

We will create a new product category and assign one of the catalog product with the newly created product category.

Go to Admin->Cataloggi->Categories and type your category name into the category form name field then add your slug. The slug will be part of your category URL parameter. E.g.

Product categories

The “Category Image” will be shown on the catalog page only if the “Display Category Boxes” feature enabled on Admin->Cataloggi->Settings->Catalog page.

Display Category Boxes

Assign the product with the newly created category.

Go back to Admin->Cataloggi->Products and select one of your product. On the right hand side under “Cataloggi Categories” you will see your newly created category. Thick the checkbox next to then hit the “Update” button.

My first category

Go to your Cataloggi’s front page, you will see the newly created category at the right hand side.

Congratulations!  Your product successfully assigned with your category.

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