Cataloggi – WordPress eCommerce Product Catalog

If you haven’t installed Cataloggi yet go to the Installation page otherwise skip this step.

After installation and plugin activation a new menu item “Cataloggi” will appear on your WP admin main menu bar. If you get any error message at the installation process please go to the Troubleshooting page and follow the instructions.

After a successful installation Cataloggi will appear at

Catalog Mode

If you want to use Cataloggi as a simple product catalog then you can turn off the ecommerce feature by a single click. To do that go to Cataloggi->Settings->Cart then uncheck the “Activate the Cart” checkbox and click the save changes button.

Activate the cart

Rewrite Slug

If you want you can set up custom rewrite slugs for Cataloggi’s pages and categories.

Go to Admin->Cataloggi->Settings then click the Settings tab. Specify your custom rewrite slug for Cataloggi’s pages and categories.

Rewrite Slug

For example you can add “products” then Cataloggi will be available at

For the categories for example type “products-category” then Cataloggi’s categories will be available at

Tip: If the pages are not visible after the settings please refresh your permalinks. (Admin->Settings->Permalinks)

Permalink Settings

Permalink Settings

Go to Admin->Settings->Permalinks and make sure you have set the permalinks structure to “Post Name” then click on the Save Changes button.

Creating a Menu Link

Go to Admin->Appearance->Menus click on the “Custom Links” tab, add your “URL” ( add your” Link Text” e.g. Catalog, Products or whatever you like then click on the “Add to Menu” button. Save your menu.

Adding a menu custom link

Now go to your site and click on the created menu link. If everything went ok Cataloggi’s catalog pages should appear.


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