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Once you have activated the Stripe Payment Gateway add-on go to Admin->Cataloggi->Settings->Payment Gateways->Stripe and click on the Stripe tab.

Stripe menu tab

The Stripe settings page.

Stripe basic settings


Next to the Enable/Disable option you can enable or disable the Stripe Payment Gateway. The gateway will not be visible on the checkout page if the option is disabled.

Billing Details

If the billing details checkbox is checked the billing details fields will be show up on the checkout form.


You can specify the payment gateway title. The field value is the payment gateway title on the checkout form.


The description text area content will be displayed on the checkout form under the payment gateway title.

Stripe API Keys

To make Stripe work on your site you should enter your Stripe API keys into the above fields. Go to your Stripe admin dashboard and find your API keys under the account settings.

Once you have your API keys enter the keys into the following fields and click the “Save Changes” button.

Stripe API keys

Account Mode

Tip: If the account mode is set to “Test” you can make test purchases. For real “live” payments set the account mode to “Live”.

Stripe Checkout Pop Up Form

At the bottom of the settings page you can add your Business Name and Logo for the Stripe Pop-Up payment form. The Stripe Pop-Up form used for the Stripe Buy Now buttons.

Stripe Checkout Pop Up Form settings

The Stripe Pop-Up form look like this.

Stripe Checkout Pop Up Form Example

How to Make a Test Purchase

You can make a test purchase using a test credit card e.g. “4242424242424242” and for CVC “123”. Card expiry date can be anything greater than the current date.

Note: For test payments don’t forget to set the “Account Mode” to “Test” on your WordPress admin Stripe settings page.

Credit Card Details Fields

The credit card fields will show up on the checkout form if the Stripe Payment Gateway is enabled.

Credit Card Detaild Checkout Page

Automatic Updates and Free Support

To get automatic updates and free support for this plugin please go to your admin dashboard plugins (Admin->Plugins) then search for the Cataloggi – Stripe plugin and click on the “Activate License” link, enter your license key into the text field and click on the “Activate” button.

Once you have activated your license you will get free support service and automatically receive the plugin updates (until your license is valid) in the same way as WordPress dose.


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