Cataloggi – WordPress eCommerce Product Catalog

Ecommerce Cart

By a single click you can turn Cataloggi into an ecommerce shop if you want to sell services or any type of virtual and digital products.

Cart Activation

Go to Admin->Cataloggi->Settings->Cart and check the checkbox next to the “Activate the Cart” option then hit the “Save Changes” button. You have just activated the shopping cart system.

Activate the cart

After the cart activation new menu items will show up under the Cataloggi’s menu. The Orders and Downloads.

Order and Downloads menus

For more information about please visit the Orders and Downloads documentation pages.


You can set up custom pages for Cataloggi’s ecommerce cart.

Cart Settings

To do that go to Admin->Pages and click on the “Add New” button at top of the page.

Add a new page

Add your page title then insert the page shortcode from the Cart Settings page into the page and click the Publish button.


For example if you want to create a custom cart page the title would be “Cart” and the shortcodes [ ctlggi_cart_totals ]  and [ ctlggi_cart ].

Info: You can find each pages shortcodes on Admin->Cataloggi->Settings->Cart page.

Admin cart page example

Soon as you have created the page you can go back to Admin->Cataloggi->Settings->Cart page and select the newly created page from the Cart drop down list.

Cart settings cart drop down list

You can repeat the above steps to create the rest of the pages.


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