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Direct Bank Transfer

The Direct Bank Transfer payment method is available at Admin->Cataloggi->Settings->Payment Gateways->Direct Bank Transfer.

Direct Bank Transfer


You can enable/disable the “Direct Bank Transfer” payment method depending on you want to use the feature or not.

Billing Details

If the billing details checkbox is checked the billing details fields will be show up on the checkout form.


You can specify the payment method title. The field value is the payment method title on the checkout form.


The description text area content will be displayed on the checkout form under the payment method title.


If you want to add any notes you can do that at the notes textarea. The “Notes” will be added to the “Order Receipt” email.

Direct Bank Transfer notes

Account Details

You can describe your Bank account details.  The details will be added to the “Order Receipt” email.

Direct Bank Transfer Bank Account Details


If any purchases made via “Direct Bank Transfer” the buyer will receive the “Order Receipt” email included with your Bank details and the Admin will receive an “Order Notification” email about the purchase.

Tip: Read more about how to set up the notification emails at “Email Settings”.

Important! If your product is downloadable and the payment method is “Direct Bank Transfer” the products “download links “will NOT be send on the “Order Receipt” email until the “Payment Status” is not set to “Completed” on the admin orders page.

Tip: Learn more about the orders at the Orders page.

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