Cataloggi – WordPress eCommerce Product Catalog

Ecommerce Cart

By a single click you can turn Cataloggi into an ecommerce shop if you want to sell services or any type of virtual and digital products.

Cart Activation

Go to Admin->Cataloggi->Settings->Cart and check the checkbox next to the “Activate the Cart” option then hit the “Save Changes” button. You have just activated the shopping cart system.

Activate the cart

After the cart activation new menu items will show up under the Cataloggi’s menu. The Orders and Downloads.

Order and Downloads menus

For more information about please visit the Orders and Downloads documentation pages.

Catalog Front Page

After the cart activation on the catalog front page a new “Shopping Cart Basket” box will show up.

Shopping Cart Basket

On top every product view page a new “Add to Cart” button will appear included with the product price.

Product view page add to cart button

Cart Page

Just like with any other shopping cart system if you click on the “Add to Cart” button the product will be added into the shopping basket.

After you have added a product click on the basket icon then you will be redirected to the cart page. On this page the buyer can update his product, change the quantity or remove the product form the cart

Shopping cart page

Quantity Field

On the cart page the quantity field is changeable only if it’s enabled for the product. You can enable/disable the quantity field for each products on the product view page at Admin->Cataloggi->Products – Product View

Display the quantity field

If the Quantity checkbox checked the add to cart button will look like this on the catalog product view page.

Add to cart button width quantity

Variable Prices

You can add multiple price options for each of your product. To do that go to Admin->Cataloggi->Products – Product View then scroll down to “Product Data” and check the box next to the “Price Options” option.

Price Options

If the Price Options enabled the price options table will fade in and the “Sale Price” form field will disappear. The price options sale prices will be used on the product instead of the single sale price.

Price options table

You can add unlimited options and set a default price for the product.

Checkout Page

After the “Proceed to Checkout” button clicked the buyer will be redirected to the checkout page. This is the page where the buyer can complete his payment.

Checkout Page


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