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Cataloggi has a built in emailing system that yoo can use to send out notification emails. For example an order receipt to the buyer or an admin notification email and payment requests emails.

Emails Logo

If you go to Admin->Cataloggi->Settings->Emails under the email settings tab next to the “Emails Logo” you can add your logo that will be show up on the HTML email templates.

Emails Logo

Order Receipts

The order receipt is the email that the buyer will receive after the purchase. You can specify your name or company name on the “From Name” field. Add your email address into the “From Email” field then fill up the “Subject” field.

Email Order Receipts

Email Content

The email content is the “Email Body” for the order receipt email. The text area has a ready-made content that you can use on your order receipt.

Order Receipt email content

The texts in the brackets holds the data, any other texts just an example that you can modify as you wish.

Note: Do not modify the texts in the brackets.

For example if you do not want to include the billing details data just remove it from the text area.

Under the text area you will find the available tags that you can use in your order receipt.

Order Receipt available tags

Order Receipt Email Example

The buyer will receive the following order receipt email.  Purchase made via PayPal Standard.

Order Receipt Example

Order Notifications

You will receive an order notification email after any sales made on your site. You can disable the function if you do not wish to receive any notification. Just tick out the checkbox next to the “Enable/Disable” button then click the “Save Changes” button.

Order Notifications

The order notifications “Email Content” works exactly same as the order receipt function.

Send To

Into the “Send To” text area you can add multiple email addresses separated by comma so anyone will be notified who’s email address is on the list.

Order Notification Email Example

The admin will receive the following order notification email.  Purchase made via PayPal Standard.

Order Notification Email Example

Payment Request

The payment request email is used for to send out payment requests via the orders page.

Payment Request

Email Content

The payment request “Email Content” works exactly same as the above emails.

Payment Request email content

Tip: You can use a button “payment_request_button” or a link “payment_request_link” or both in your payment request email.

Payment Request Email Example

Payment request email example included with a purchase button.

Payment Request Email Example

Soon as the purchase button clicked the customer will be redirected to Cataloggi’s checkout page to complete his payment.

Info: The payment request emails are using tokens so no login required from the buyer to complete his purchase.

Payment request checkout

All the form fields automatically fill up by the details you have specified on the orders page.

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