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I assume you already have a product in your catalog, if not please create one or go back to the “Adding a Product” article and read more about how to create one.

Note: Make sure the ecommerce cart is activated on Admin->Cataloggi ->Settings->Cart page.

Activate the cart

After the cart activation a new menu item “Orders” will show up under the Cataloggi’s menu.

Orders new admin menu

If you go to Admin->Cataloggi->Orders there will be no orders at first time. Your customers should make a purchase first then the order details will be appearing there.

Test Purchase via the Direct Bank Transfer Payment Method

We will make a test purchase using the built in “Direct Bank Transfer” payment method.

Tip: You can read more about payment gateways at “Payment Gateways“.

Go to your catalog main (front) page and click on one of your product, then click the “Add to Cart” button. You will be redirected to the Cart page, now click the “Proceed to Checkout” button.

Make sure the “Direct Bank Transfer” payment method is selected as a payment method. Fill up the form fields with your details then click on the “Place Order” button.

Direct Bank Transfer is selected

If no errors occurred you will see the following thank you message “Thank you for your purchase!”

Tip: If you want you can set up a custom detailed order receipt for the “Success Page” at Admin->Cataloggi->Settings->Cart page and then include the “Order Receipt Shortcode” on this page.

Cart Settings Success Page

Billing Details

The billing details fields can be enabled/disabled on the checkout page. Go to Admin->Cataloggi->Payment Gateways->Direct Bank Transfer and next to the Billing Details option depending on your needs check or uncheck the checkbox then hit the save changes button.

Direct Bank Transfer billing details fields

Create an Account

The create an accounts fields are only visible for the NOT logged in users. Existing users can be login easily clicking on the “Click here to login” link at top of the checkout form.

Order Notification Emails

The buyer will receive the order receipt email and the admin will receive an order notification email about the purchase.

Tip: Read more about how to set up your notification emails at “Email Settings”.


The orders are available at Admin->Cataloggi->Orders .


Click on one of the order then a detailed order view page will open. On this page you can modify the order data, add or remove products, change the order status etc.

Order view

Resend Order Receipt

Right hand side at the top of the page if you tick the checkbox next to the “Resend Order Receipt” option and you click the publish button, the system will resend the order receipt email for the buyer.

Send or Resend Payment Request

Right hand side at the top of the page if you tick the checkbox next to the “Send or Resend Payment Request” option and you click the publish button, the system will send a payment request email for the selected user. Fell free to try out this feature.

Payment Status

Important! If it’s a downloadable product and the payment method is “Direct Bank Transfer” the system will not send the products “download links” on the “Order Receipt” email until the “Payment Status” is not set to “Completed” on the order view page.

For example if you use the “Direct Bank Transfer” payment method you do not want to send the products download links on the “Order Receipt” email until the payment completed.

Soon as the payment completed into your Bank, you can come back to the admin order view page then change the “Order Status” to “Completed” and tick the checkbox next to the “Resend Order Receipt” then hit the “Publish” button. The Order Receipt will be resend to the buyer included with the purchased products download links.

Tip: If you don’t know how to set up a downloadable product please visit the “Downloadable Products” page.

Manually Adding an Order

At the top of the Orders page there is an “Add New” button. By clicking on you can manually create an order and assign it with any of your registered users then send or resend a payment request.


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