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Cataloggi’s Template Hierarchy

Cataloggi use the default WordPress template hierarchy system in the same way as WordPress does.

To perfectly fit your theme design you can create your custom template files in your current theme folder or in Cataloggi’s template folder (cataloggi/public/templates/) then Cataloggi will apply them automatically.

Template Files

Cataloggi uses the following four template files to display the frontend layout.



The whole template system using shortcodes to display every part of the catalog. The following shortcodes are available:

Template System Shortcodes

Inner Header and Footer Shortcodes.

[ ctlggi_inner_template_header ]
[ ctlggi_inner_template_footer ]

Archive Page (cataloggi/public/templates/default/archive-cataloggi.php)

[ cataloggi_home_page ]

Single Page (cataloggi/public/templates/default/single-cataloggi.php)

[ cataloggi_single_product_view ]

Search Page (cataloggi/public/templates/default/search-cataloggi.php)

[ cataloggi_search_results ]

Taxonomy (Categories) Page (cataloggi/public/templates/default/taxonomy-cataloggicat.php)

[ cataloggi_products_list ]

Template Part Shortcodes

Products Shortcode: display all of the catalog products per page.

[ ctlggi_products ]

Products Shortcode: display all of the catalog products per page on the catalog Home page.

[ ctlggi_home_products ]

Category Boxes Shortcode: display the main categories boxes on the catalog Home page.

[ ctlggi_home_category_boxes ]

Sidebar Basket Shortcode.

[ ctlggi_sidebar_basket ]

Basket Shortcode: display the shopping cart basket.

[ ctlggi_basket ]

Sidebar Search Form Shortcode.

[ ctlggi_sidebar_search ]

Search Shortcode: display the search form.

[ ctlggi_search ]

Sidebar Navigation Shortcode it’s for to display the categories list on the sidebar.

[ ctlggi_sidebar_nav ]

Categories Shortcode: display the categories list.

[ ctlggi_categories_nav ]

The grid or list view selector Shortcode.

[ ctlggi_grid_or_list_view ]

Sub Category Shortcode display the sub category boxes on the template pages.

[ ctlggi_sub_category_boxes ]

Breadcrumbs Shortcode.

[ ctlggi_breadcrumbs ]

Search Results Shortcode is for the search-cataloggi.php template page.

[ ctlggi_search_results ]

Product View Shortcode is for the single-cataloggi.php template page.

[ ctlggi_product_view ]

Cart Shortcode: display the cart page.

[ ctlggi_cart ]

Cart Totals Shortcode: display the cart totals.

[ ctlggi_cart_totals ]

Checkout Shortcode: display the checkout page.

[ ctlggi_checkout ]

Checkout Totals Shortcode: display the checkout totals.

[ ctlggi_checkout_totals ]

The shortcodes full list available at (cataloggi/includes/class-ctlggi.php). For the general available shortcodes please visit the Shortcodes page.

Important! If you want to use the above examples please remove the spaces from the brackets starting and closing tags.

Using the above shortcodes you can build up a new Cataloggi template.

If you need some help about template creation please visit the “How to Create a Custom Template for Cataloggi” page.

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