How to Generate More Leads with Twitter

by Last Updated July 23, 2017
How to Generate More Leads with Twitter

Do you sell services or product on the internet? If yes this article will give you some tips on how to grow your business with Twitter.

Retweet Your Tweets

As your tweets have a short life on Twitter tweeting only once or a couple of times is not enough to reach a large audience on Twitter. I recommend you to retweet your tweets more often.

Tweeting many times it’s ok as long as you have something credible to give to your followers and it definitely can’t hurt if you doing it in the right way.

Use Twitter Cards

Twitter cards are an easy and effective way to make your tweets stand out. Earn more followers and drive more traffic to your website.

Using Twitter Cards you can increase your Twitter visibility & Brand value.

Read more about at “How to Use Twitter Cards in WordPress”.

Use Hashtags

A hashtag is used to index your keywords or topics on Twitter. This will help people to follow any topics they are interested in.

The hashtag is a symbol “#” followed by a word. For example, WordPress will become to #WordPress.

Bring Old Blog Posts Back to Life

Every day millions of blog posts written in the world and seen by only a few people.

Most of those blog posts are going into the darkness of the shadow and never will see by anyone.

Without driving traffic to your old blog posts you are losing valuable followers on Twitter and dedicated customers on your website.

Your old blog posts are the key to generate more visitors and take your business to the next level.

Overcome the problem by bringing your old blog posts back to life.

You might have hundreds of articles on your site that is a huge job to retweet manually. Even manually retweet ten articles could take valuable time out of your day.

The solution is to automate the process so you will reach a large audience on Twitter. Earn more followers and drive more traffic to your website even while you were sleeping.

Automate the Process

I assume your site built using WordPress. Then you can use a plugin to automate the process.

Recommended Free Twitter Automation Tool

ATAS Auto Tweet and Scheduler

Banner ATAS Auto Tweet and Scheduler

ATAS automatically publishes pages, posts and custom posts on Twitter in a nicely formatted way included with the post title, description, backlink, and image.

The whole process is completely automated. Using ATAS you can get more Twitter followers and drive more traffic to your blog posts.

Read more about ATAS at: ATAS Auto Tweet and Scheduler


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