How to Use Twitter Cards in WordPress

by Last Updated July 22, 2017
How to Use Twitter Cards in WordPress

Using Twitter Cards in Your WordPress Website can: Boost Your Social Shares and Increase Your Website Traffic

What are Twitter Cards and Why You Should Use them in WordPress?

Twitter Cards can be use as a powerful method for social marketing.

Twitter Cards will put your tweets on steroids. You can include images, videos, and audio links on your 140 character long tweet.

Using Twitter Cards your tweet will grab more attention than a plain text tweet. This will boost your social shares and increase your WordPress website traffic.

For example more people will retweet and click on your tweet.

Surprising Twitter Statistics

Summary Card

The Summary Card displays your WordPress post or pages:

  • Title
  • Short Description
  • Image
  • Page URL

Summary Cards

Summary Card with Large Image

The Summary Card with Large Image is one of the most popular Twitter Card type.

Great images will drive lots of traffic to your WordPress website.

The big difference between the Summary Card and Summary Card  with Large Image is the image size.

Summary Cards with Large Image

How to Set Up Twitter Cards on Your WordPress site?

The easiest non-technical way to set up Twitter Cards on your WordPress site is to use plugins.

There are many great WordPress plugins but I personally recommend “Facebook Open Graph, Google+ and Twitter Card Tags“.

It’s a free and handy tool.

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